Upcoming Young Author (Wink, Wink…)

Just because I think it’s important to keep one’s finger on the pulse of future trends and that sort of thing, I wanted to share with you a work by a wonderful new author.  This is a young man to watch for in the future!  He does his own illustrations, too.  He’s versatile! He’s creative!  He’s multi-talented!

He’s six!

Here is a sampling from a kindergartener’s debut book, entitled Introducing Betta.  He was understandably very proud to share it:


This young man has written a personal narrative about his beta fish named, as you can see, Betta. Within its pages, he highlights his daily interactions with his beloved pet and educates us about Betta’s habits and preferences, as in the excerpt below:



Like I said, this is an author to watch for, and he’s also very prolific, as you can see by what he included on the back of his book:



I must admit to feeling a little intimidated knowing that, at age six, this young man has not only published a debut book but also has three more on the way.  The titles, in case you can’t make them out, are:  Best Friends; Look at Him; and Take Care.

If I’m going to have any hope of keeping up with this budding new talent’s pace of churning out books, I’d better cut this post short and get back to my next novel.

Oh, and don’t worry–I’ll let you know when the Betta sequels are available in stores.

(Rumor has it, there’s talk of optioning the movie rights…)