And The Week Winds Down

Hope you all had a good week!  Mine was very busy with book release “stuff” and life in general (how is it that a house can feel clean for about 5 minutes and then suddenly all the housework needs to start all over again?  Stupid dust bunnies seem to multiply as fast as the real thing…)

Had a few highlights this week:

*  Lots of guest blogs with giveaways of The Bargain that will be ending soon, so I’ve got  ebooks to send out to the winners.

*  I’m in the process of commissioning my first book cover for the Christmas novella I plan to self-publish on Amazon later this year.  Woo hoo!

*  Woke up to a lovely review of The Bargain this morning that made me feel warm and tingly all over, so either I’m happy or I need to go to the urgent care facility immediately.  You can read the review here, if you’re interested.

More about the cover art experience later…

July Starts Off With A Bang–And I Don’t Mean Fireworks

I woke up this morning to find a lovely review of my debut novel, Coming Home, on The Canon; thanks, Ellen!  Now that’s the way to start off a month!

Ellen’s site is a great one to check out if you’re looking for something new to read and you’d like a little input first.  So check out the review of Coming Home here, and then stick around and explore.

Have a great day, and good luck beating the heat.  I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think the only hours that are cool enough for me to be awake are between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Which means I’d spend 4 hours a day being productive and 20 just hunkering down with a bag of ice and a fan, trying not to move.  Well, maybe if I really micromanage those 4 hours well, it could work…