Ornithology & Romance

Actually about the only thing ornithology has to do with this particular post is a very loose reference to ducks and swans.  Specifically, ugly ducklings and the swans who love them. Sounds like an upcoming episode of Jerry Springer, doesn’t it?  Hoo boy.  Yeah, that’s romantic.

Today I’m a guest blogger on the Crimson Romance website, and since the post is about my book, The Bargain, I wrote about having a heroine who is a kind of ugly duckling character.  I had a lot of fun writing a story about an ugly duckling heroine who ends up winning the love of a heartthrob swan who has issues of his own.  Plain Janes are just a lot more appealing to me as a writer than personifications of perfection.  Besides, who doesn’t like to root for the underdog?

Check out the post here, and please feel free to leave a comment!  Bloggers and writers love it when people leave comments.  Otherwise it feels like we’re just talking to ourselves, and they say only crazy people do that…

Release Day


It’s here!  It’s here!  (Ooo, I just had a flashback to my childhood and Christmas mornings) Well, it isn’t Christmas, but it feels a little like Christmas in July to me because The Bargain is finally out there in the world for everyone to see!

Boy, I hope that’s a good thing…  [bites fingernails]

But although the reviewer from Book Chick City who read it hasn’t posted her actual review yet, I did see on Goodreads that she rated it 5 stars and will post an actual review later.  Yay!  5 stars!!!  So I figure that’s a good sign.

To celebrate release day, I’m a guest on a couple of other blogs today.  I’m doing an author interview on HJ Harley’s blog here; she’s gotten tremendous feedback on her novel Finding Jordie, by the way, so you might want to check it out.  I’m also doing a giveaway and a guest post on RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk in which I do my best to alert the general public to some potential romantic scenario pitfalls you might not have anticipated.  Check it out here, and maybe you can rest a little easier next time you plan a romantic outing with your sweetie.

Happy Monday–and happy reading!

Giveaways, Spotlights, and Reviews–Oh, My!

July is turning out to be a pretty busy month for me.  How about you?

This morning The Bargain is being spotlighted on Book Binge as part of DFRAT, which is the digital-first readathon and celebrates ebooks.  There is another giveaway and another copy of the book up for grabs here, and frankly I’m just happy as a clam to be included in this event.  Thanks, Book Binge!

I also woke up this morning to discover my very first official review for The Bargain on My Daily Romance.  My stomach was in knots before I read it, but fortunately the reviewer enjoyed the book and was very complimentary, so it looks like I won’t have to throw up after all.  Yay for me!  To read the review or just check out the rest of the site, click here.  (And thank you, Amy, for the review!)

Giveaways Galore

Got another giveaway for you!  This time I’m being hosted by Stella on Ex Libris, and I’m talking about the charms of mismatched couples.  (Thanks, Stella!)  Check it out here, and please do leave a comment in order to be eligible for a Kindle copy of The Bargain.

And while I’m hoping you’ll participate in my giveaway–ahem–there are lots of other giveaways happening on her site all the time, so it really is worth your while to check it out.

So who are some of your favorite mismatched couples of all time?  And you can’t say King Kong and Fay Wray, because I already called that one…  🙂

Another Chance To Win

Okay, so it’s still not a car, but you CAN win a copy of The Bargain plus a $10 Amazon gift card (which maybe you could apply toward a car?  Who knows?  You can buy just about anything off Amazon these days).


Today Karielle at Books A La Mode has been kind enough to host me on her site as I go around promoting the release of The Bargain.  Thanks, Karielle!  Check it out here and leave a comment to be eligible to participate in the giveaway, then take a tour of her site, which is all about books and more.

Spotlight On The Bargain

Well, here we go!  The Bargain is due to be officially released one week from today (if I did the math right), so thanks to some other bloggers, this week I’m doing some book promoting.

Today, Melinda Dozier is kindly hosting me on her own blog, Flirting With Romance, and in addition to doing a spotlight on my newest book, she also included an interview.  (Thanks, Melinda!)  Check it out here, and then take a tour of the rest of her site and check out her books, including her own latest release, Breaking The Rules.

Oh, and if you leave a comment on Melinda’s site after my guest spot, you are eligible to win a FREE CAR!!!  Just kidding.  Seriously, I can’t afford that unless we’re talking Tonka.  But you could win a Kindle copy of The Bargain, so that’s not bad…

Have a lovely day!

Annnnd…We’re Off!


Well, my second book, The Bargain, is going to be released in a couple of weeks, and it’s time for me to start gearing up for it.  By gearing up I mean both promoting the book on other web sites and also eating lots of ice cream, because my nerves will be humming.  Ice cream is very soothing for distraught nerves.  Really.  If your doctor claims otherwise, I suggest you get a new doctor.

To start things off, Cerian at The Romance Rookie Blog has been kind enough to have me on her blog for a second time, so there’s a spotlight on The Bargain here.  (Thanks, Cerian!)  And thanks to her I now know that The Bargain is available on Barnes & Noble’s site now, because she included a link.  Yay!  (Thanks for that too, Cerian!)

Now, if you’ll excuse, me, I have some ice cream to eat.

Breaking The Rules (Somebody Else, Of Course, Not ME…)

Fellow Crimson author Melinda Dozier is celebrating her latest release, Breaking The Rules, and today she’s got a few other Crimson authors on her site sharing examples of how they have broken the rules and how their characters have done the same.  I’m in there, too, with The Bargain.  Yep, you know me, always the rebel…

Take a look here and see what some other authors are up to–and maybe get a lead on a new summer read.  And maybe leave a comment about how YOU might have broken the rules, too, you rebel you.  Like that time you did not rewind the video tape before taking it back to the rental place…

Wild and crazy stuff.  🙂

Second Book On Amazon :)

This morning I just happened to check Amazon.com to see if my second book, The Bargain, was listed on the site yet–and it was!  Happy day!  It is now officially available for preorder there, and, yes, I’ve already ordered one for myself because I get a special thrill out of clicking on that 1-click button even when I’m just shopping in general.  To click on my own book is like putting the cherry on top of the sundae, know what I mean?


So, there it is.  Hee!  If you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s the link.  Have  a lovely day!  🙂

July 2013 Romance Releases

If you’re looking for new reading material for next month, check out the website Heroes & Heartbreakers here for a list of July romance releases.  They’ve got romances broken down by category (and The Bargain is listed under contemporary–woo hoo!), so there’s a little something for everyone.  Including a few sets of pretty impressive abs, by the look of things, and not just on the guys.

Man, I think I need to work out more.