Giveaways, Spotlights, and Reviews–Oh, My!

July is turning out to be a pretty busy month for me.  How about you?

This morning The Bargain is being spotlighted on Book Binge as part of DFRAT, which is the digital-first readathon and celebrates ebooks.  There is another giveaway and another copy of the book up for grabs here, and frankly I’m just happy as a clam to be included in this event.  Thanks, Book Binge!

I also woke up this morning to discover my very first official review for The Bargain on My Daily Romance.  My stomach was in knots before I read it, but fortunately the reviewer enjoyed the book and was very complimentary, so it looks like I won’t have to throw up after all.  Yay for me!  To read the review or just check out the rest of the site, click here.  (And thank you, Amy, for the review!)

Spotlight On The Bargain

Well, here we go!  The Bargain is due to be officially released one week from today (if I did the math right), so thanks to some other bloggers, this week I’m doing some book promoting.

Today, Melinda Dozier is kindly hosting me on her own blog, Flirting With Romance, and in addition to doing a spotlight on my newest book, she also included an interview.  (Thanks, Melinda!)  Check it out here, and then take a tour of the rest of her site and check out her books, including her own latest release, Breaking The Rules.

Oh, and if you leave a comment on Melinda’s site after my guest spot, you are eligible to win a FREE CAR!!!  Just kidding.  Seriously, I can’t afford that unless we’re talking Tonka.  But you could win a Kindle copy of The Bargain, so that’s not bad…

Have a lovely day!

Spotlight Thank-You

Just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to Cerian over at The Rookie Romance Blog for doing a spotlight on Coming Home!  If you’re looking for book recommendations, be sure to check out her site here.  She’s “across the pond,” so while my post is dated May 31st, hers is dated June 1st.  Whoa…trippy stuff, isn’t it?