Take A Deep Breath…Maybe Two

Do you ever get the feeling that your to-do list is somehow taking on a life of its own, growing and changing whenever you turn your back on it to the point where you lie awake thinking about it at night, and you get the feeling that if one more thing is added to it you will bare your teeth and start snarling like a rabid animal that’s been cornered, and people you know will start to back away from you slowly?

(Hey, I saw that!  You’re backing away from me slowly, aren’t you?  And now you’re speeding up…)

Or maybe you’ve noticed that every muscle in your body has apparently reached a state of perpetual tension in which you’ll either benefit from some truly AMAZING isometric toning or else something will just finally go sproing and you’ll flop over like a marionette that just got its strings snipped?

If you poked me right now, I’d probably go sproing.  How about you?  I know there’s some sort of saying about how it’s the pressure on the lump of coal that turns it into a diamond, but one has to be careful about offering up adages like that to people who are really stressed out, because it’s a good way for one to find oneself gagged and duct-taped to the wall for use as a human dartboard.

I kid, I kid… Sort of…

I’m feeling the pinch of deadlines and responsibilities right now, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  There are friends whose face I haven’t seen in a long time because I’ve been in the depths of my writer’s cave for quite a while–Hi, guys!  Miss you!  My hubby thinks my laptop is some sort of new appendage I’ve sprouted, and my dog keeps trying to bat the laptop off of my lap so she can sit there instead.

I’m trying to come up for air once in a while so my family and friends will remember what I look like.  It’s quite the juggling act, and I’ll bet you’re juggling quite a few things, too; if you’ve got any tips on how to maintain one’s sanity, I’d welcome them!  And I promise I won’t touch the duct tape.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to work on Playing Cupid.  Fingers crossed about that isometric toning!