Fantasy Vs. Reality (or, Inside A Writer’s Head)

Sometimes the inside of a writer’s head is a scary place.  Well, mildly disturbing at least.  And that’s not just because there may be several characters living in her head at once which may result in repeating dialogue aloud or even laughing out of the blue at an idea for  scene–both of which can lead to very funny looks from people nearby.

There’s also a phenomenon that occurs with writers–at least it does with me–in which said writer pounds out a thousand words or so with great delight at the result only to go back and reread them the next day and wonder if perhaps she was under the influence of medication at the time she wrote them.  That happens with me a lot.  The doubts, I mean, not the medication…

Do you know what I mean?

It’s like creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard, and when you plan it out in your head it looks like this:


And yet somehow the reality turns out more like this:


Sigh.  Ah, well.  That’s what editing is for, right?  Here’s hoping the writing goes better than the gardening!  🙂