Plugging Away On Ye Old WIP…

WIP.  That’s “work in progress” for you folks who aren’t familiar with the term.  For writers, I think that term conjures up feelings of both pleasure and dread.  Pleasure because when you’re in the writer zone and are excited about your project and writing in general and the world is a happy place, you jump to work on your WIP every chance you get and hurry back to it whenever something silly like, I don’t know, eating or sleeping or the need for basic hygiene practices pulls you away from it.

But it also can inspire dread because when you aren’t in the zone, your WIP seems to loom over you as you stare at the (sometimes) blank screen in front of you, begging your muse to quit toying with you and start musing already or whatever it is muses are supposed to do.  That’s when things like deadlines and release dates haunt your dreams, and staggering insecurities eat away at you as your level of productivity goes down the toilet.  And when kindly and supportive people ask you, “How’s the writing going?” you do your best to give a cheerfully confident thumbs-up and hope they can’t tell that you’re so tense that every single muscle in your body is contracted around the clock along with a few things in your body that aren’t even supposed to be capable of contracting.  Like your spleen, or maybe your hair.

Ah, thank goodness for chocolate…

But contracting muscles or no, I’m currently 10,000 words into my next WIP and still plugging away.  It’s a little harder to stay focused now that the weather is turning nicer and things in the yard seem to be calling out for attention.  Fortunately, I have an ace up my sleeve in the form of a serious aversion to yard work and manual labor in general, so… ha! Nice try, dandelions, but you won’t get me outside that easily!  At least until the neighbors come calling with pitchforks and torches to demand that we do something about the weeds in our front yard, at which point I will pluck up a bit of dandelion fluff on a stem and say, “These aren’t weeds, they’re wishes.”  And blow.  I foresee that plan working out great

I’ll leave you with the book blurb for my WIP, The Fix-Up Mix-Up:

When the two biggest self-proclaimed matchmakers in town throw down and call each other out, Jenna Owens feels obliged to step in and broker the peace any way she can. After all, one is her mother and the other is her best friend, and quite frankly all of this arguing is giving her a headache. So when they propose a three-week long “match-off” to see who can find the perfect match for the most widely-acknowledged practitioner of social ineptness in the neighborhood, Jenna is just happy that they’ve found a solution—until she realizes that they’re talking about her.


Ryan Caldwell isn’t exactly thrilled that the two matchmakers have decided to use his bar and grill as the setting for their little social experiment and appoint him the official neutral third-party, but he has to admit that it’s certainly entertaining—especially when he gets a load of the unlikely candidates that come marching through his doors to woo the reluctant Jenna. If this is matchmaking, he wants no part of it, confirmed bachelor that he is.

Except that somehow intervening in one bad date escalates to the outright rescue of Jenna from another, and from there—well…

So much for staying neutral.