And The Week Winds Down

Hope you all had a good week!  Mine was very busy with book release “stuff” and life in general (how is it that a house can feel clean for about 5 minutes and then suddenly all the housework needs to start all over again?  Stupid dust bunnies seem to multiply as fast as the real thing…)

Had a few highlights this week:

*  Lots of guest blogs with giveaways of The Bargain that will be ending soon, so I’ve got  ebooks to send out to the winners.

*  I’m in the process of commissioning my first book cover for the Christmas novella I plan to self-publish on Amazon later this year.  Woo hoo!

*  Woke up to a lovely review of The Bargain this morning that made me feel warm and tingly all over, so either I’m happy or I need to go to the urgent care facility immediately.  You can read the review here, if you’re interested.

More about the cover art experience later…

I Scream, You Scream…

Despite the title of this blog post, the topic of it is NOT anything from the horror genre but instead is all about today being a very special day:  National Ice Cream Day!  Yipee!  Although if someone ever tries to take my ice cream away from me, I can guarantee there will be carnage and mayhem that would do any horror filmmaker proud.

Yep, it’s National Ice Cream Day!  Oh, and I have a book being released tomorrow…but mostly–It’s National Ice Cream Day!  That should give you some idea of the special place ice cream has in my heart.

I was appalled when I realized I didn’t actually have any ice cream on hand to honor this special day, so I immediately hurried to the store to get some.  See?


Because I believe in honoring tradition, dang it, and I honored the heck out of this one.  I also want you to know that I took great care to get the picture just right for this post.  I was forced to consume ice cream serving after ice cream serving because they kept melting during the photo shoot, but I care enough to get the job done right, so I pressed on.  I hope you appreciate my sacrifice and dedication.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  Now go out and celebrate…

Update On Book Release: Coming Home

I just got an email from my publisher that info about my debut novel–I just love writing that!–is available on their website now.  Cover art is not available yet, but I still get a kick out of reading the book description that’s up and seeing my name beside it.


Sorry.  Just had to get that out of my system.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, click here to visit Coming Home’s page on the Crimson Romance website.  If you’re interested in reading an excerpt, check out the link on my Fiction page here on my own website.


Sorry.  Last time, I promise.

For now.