If You Dig Jane Austen…Part 2

I stumbled across a blog post about plans that the BBC has to recreate an actual Regency Ball like the type you would find in Jane Austen’s books.  Don’t know the actual date yet, just sometime later this year.  If you’d like to read more about it, check out this link here and scroll down to the end of the post (just prior to the comments section).

As an added bonus, the same blog post includes a link to some very funny “reshoots” of some book covers that you really have to see to appreciate.  If you’ve ever looked at a book cover that has a woman with body measurements that are impossible outside of a plastic surgeon’s office, and said woman is standing in a pose that leaves you trying to decide if she is a gymnast or merely double jointed–you will appreciate author Jim C. Hines’ sense of humor.

And his flexibility.