An Untapped Marketing Scheme–Sort Of

I think I may be on to something…

It can be tough for a new writer to get the rest of the world to know that he or she exists, especially if one is too poor to make use of professional advertising avenues and is also too shy to just start tapping random strangers on the shoulders and saying, “Psst, buddy, would you like to buy my book?”

But not to worry, because I think I have stumbled upon a hitherto undiscovered strategy for book marketing (bonus:  I finally found an excuse to use the word “hitherto” in a sentence). Last week my mother and I spent a couple of nights at a lovely B & B on the Oregon Coast, and not only did we have a wonderfully relaxing stay, but our kind hostess also bought a copy of my book–after my mother proudly informed her that I had written one (Mom is now my PR manager; then again, aren’t most mothers, really?  At least unofficially.)

Yay!  A sale!  One down, umpteen thousand to go…

So here’s my plan:  do a B & B tour of the United States in which I talk up my book to the host or hostess at each site in the hopes that they will buy them.  Risky, you say? Expensive?  Sure, but keep an open mind because I’ve got a few ideas to bankroll it (like a second mortgage, panning for gold, or maybe selling one of my kidneys–because does a person really need two?)

Think outside the box, people!