Just Wanted To Say…

2017.  It hasn’t exactly pulled its punches.  Certainly on a national and even a worldwide level with natural disasters and heartbreaking tragedies one right after another, but maybe also on a personal level for some of you reading this right now.  Around here, we got hit with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis on one side of the family and a death on the other, and there are lots of other folks we know carrying heavier loads than that right now, some of them very near and dear to us. Kind of feels like we all need one very big collective hug sometimes.

Which is probably why it’s also been a year for thinking about the big questions and what really matters most.  Maybe you’ve had some of the same kinds of conversations lately with the people closest to you: talking about not taking things–or loved ones–for granted, or about trying to savor little moments of sweetness and beauty every day and trying not to miss opportunities to help ease the load someone else might be carrying, or even about things like tackling those bucket lists now instead of saving them for some vague time down the road that may never come.  Sometimes those conversations can be hard or even downright grim.  But sometimes I think they can be hopeful, too.

It’s been a challenging year, but I’m humbled and inspired by the stories of people who have shown tremendous courage and kindness in the midst of terrible times.  I’m grateful for friends who have been so thoughtful and supportive when some of our recent family struggles left our heads spinning, and I hope you are fortunate enough to have wonderful people like that in your lives.  Maybe you are those wonderful people.  In that case, thanks for making the world a kinder place.

If you’re dealing with some struggles of your own right now, I hope you’ll be able to hang in there and that there will be enough moments of warmth and sweetness coming your way to help make those struggles a little easier to bear.  I’ll leave you with one of mine here:

(Love these two…)

Have a good week.  🙂

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“It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up — that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross