Release Day!

It’s officially Release Day for my new romantic comedy, Center Stage (Adventures in Blind Dating Book Two)–Yay!  There will be much celebrating around here, and possibly chocolate.  ‘Tis the season for Cadbury Cream Eggs after all…

If you’d like to check out the book–and possibly pick yourself up a copy, you can do that by clicking on the link below:

Center Stage: (Adventures in Blind Dating Book Two)

I’m also celebrating Release Day by putting the first book in the series–It Happened One Night–on sale as a Kindle Countdown Deal through April 6th:  99 cents!  So if you haven’t read that one but would like to, this week is a great chance to grab a copy at a discounted price.  Click on the link below to find the book on Amazon:

It Happened One Night: (Adventures in Blind Dating Book One)

And now I’m off to get back to work on Book Three…

Have a great day!

“Hoo-ga” Kind Of Girl

This winter I’ve been reading up on something the Danish call hygge (pronounced  hoo-guh or hoo-ga, or something along those lines–my Danish is a little rusty), and it just seems like exactly the sort of thing that would appeal to a lot of readers (and writers). Especially during cold and grey weather, which is why I’m sharing it with you now.

Hygge is all about an appreciation–or maybe even a celebration–of all things cozy and homey, usually simple pleasures instead of fancy ones.  Things like cups of hot cocoa or tea; a slice of freshly-baked bread or even just the smell of it filling the air while it’s baking; warm, fuzzy socks and blankets; fresh flowers; beautiful music; maybe a pot of homemade soup simmering away on the stove…  And candles.  Definitely candles and all of that lovely, flickering light.

If all those things aren’t conducive to curling up in a comfy spot with a good book, I don’t know what is.  And according to the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (yes, that’s a real institute), an appreciation of these kinds of simple pleasures are also a key ingredient to one’s level of contentment with life, and since the Danish are commonly acknowledged as the happiest people on the planet, maybe this whole hygge thing is worth a look-see, eh?

I just finished reading and would happily recommend Meik Wiking’s The Little Book of Hygge as a way to learn more about the subject:

It’s a nice introduction to the whole idea, and I enjoyed curling up with it even without the lit candles or hot cocoa.  One of my favorite things in it was the idea of creating a Hygge Emergency Kit for those stressful times when you–or someone you know–is in desperate need of a little soothing relaxation.  Books, candles, chocolate, your favorite tea–or maybe something more like a bag of microwave popcorn and a favorite film, who knows?  The beauty of it is that you can tailor it to your own preferences and pull it out some time when you’re feeling tired or low or just in the mood for solitude.  Wouldn’t that make a great gift idea?  Incidentally–ahem–my birthday is coming up…

Another book I enjoyed on the same subject is The Cozy Life:

Either one makes for a good read, and at least now you know what “hygge” means in case it ever comes up on Jeopardy.  You’re welcome.

Hope you enjoy these last few days of winter 2017–Stay cozy!

And We’re Up And Running

Just a short and sweet blog post today because I’ve spent so much time on my computer lately that my eyeballs literally hurt and I need to rest them.  And possibly slap an icepack on them or something, although it’s going to be kind of interesting trying to explain to the doctor how I got freezer-burn on my eyeballs.


Anyway, before my eyes go on strike, I just wanted to share the preorder link on Amazon for Center Stage, which now has the official release date of March 21st.

Woo hoo!  (Blink, blink…)

Now off to look for that ice pack…

Cover Reveal For New Release–And Excerpt

Hey, there!  It’s time for the official cover reveal for the second book in my Adventures in Blind Dating romantic comedy series:  Center Stage.  I’m pleased to share it with you along with this book blurb:

When financially-strapped actor J.J. McKinney responds to an unusual Help Wanted ad on the bulletin board outside his theater class, he has no idea that he’s in for an evening of improv like no other: posing as the hitherto fabricated boyfriend of one Erika Mills for the duration of a single family reunion. But hey, a job is a job, and if it will help get J.J. back in the good graces of his landlord, he’s completely on board. After all, how bad can one family reunion possibly be?

Enter Erika Mills: only child of one meddling mother, reluctant darling of several devoted yet squabbling aunts and uncles who are sure they know what’s best for her even if none of them can agree on what that is, and beloved grandchild of the tiny white-haired family matriarch who might just be more imp than invalid when it comes to managing family matters in spite of appearances to the contrary.

Throw in a suspicious cousin, an obnoxious ex-boyfriend who is determined to erase that whole “ex” thing from Erika’s vocabulary, and a rash deathbed promise that turned out to be less deathbed and more just a bad case of indigestion, and you get the reunion from hell—at least until the sparks begin to fly for real.

It ain’t Off-Broadway, but it still might turn out to be the role of a lifetime…

Is it my imagination, or does the guy on the cover look a little like Michael Bublé?  Maybe I should have made the hero a singer instead of an actor.  Or maybe I need to get my eyes checked, but anyway…

Click here to read the opening excerpt.

The book should up for sale on Amazon later this month if edits go well, and next month I should have details for you about the third book in the series.

Until then… hope your March is off to a great start.  🙂