For Cozy Reading…

This time of year with its–usually–cool and grey weather always puts me in the mood to curl up somewhere cozy with a good book.  (Or the mood to do my darnedest to write one, but that’s another matter…)  I don’t have a reading nook per se, but I’ve been seeing pictures of wonderfully cozy looking spots online that make me think it might be worth my while to create one, know what I mean?

Even if I can’t quite squeeze designing the perfect reading spot into my budget or my schedule–apparently housework doesn’t do itself, and I know this because I’ve done extensive personal research on the subject with disappointing results save for the possibility that the extra dust and cobwebs on windows may have provided an extra SPF factor–it’s fun sometimes to just take a look at what others have created and shared online and maybe dream a little bit.

And since every reading space starts with the perfect comfy place to sit, here is a cute article pairing an assortment of unique seating ideas with the perfect books to read with them, courtesy of Brit Co.  Click here to take a look, and who knows?  Maybe something will spark your imagination…


2 thoughts on “For Cozy Reading…

  1. Christy,

    You always seem to make things better. What a nice way of taking an icky winter into a good place. It was relaxing looking at your combos. Thanks again but next time include some of your own works to help get through the season.


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