Another First

Whenever the mail has arrived during the past several days, I’ve joined my dog in peering over the back of the couch and out the window to watch the mail carrier slip the mail into our mailbox, and then I’d hop down and scurry outside to see what was waiting.  And today what I was waiting for finally arrived.

My first royalty check ever!

Is it considered unprofessional to squeal over something like that?  Or to take a picture of said royalty check and ponder what sort of picture frame will best bring out the pink and blue highlights in the background of the Pay To The Order Of area that has my name printed on it?  I’m thinking something in pewter would be nice; it’s just so classic.  Plus it will look great once I’m finished bedazzling it.  There ain’t another royalty check in the world that will be so gloriously memorialized.

Too much, you say?  Hey, it’s a lot less grand than my original idea, which I backed off from because it turns out billboards are very expensive to rent…

Anyhoo, it’s been a pretty exciting day in the life of this particular author.  Hope yours is going well, too!  🙂

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