Twitter For Dummies

It’s time…  [whimper]

Up until now, I’ve told myself I was doing great just getting a website going and learning how to use Facebook to post funny pictures of grumpy cats, but everybody keeps saying that writers MUST include Twitter as part of their social media platform, so…here I go.

I actually signed up for a Twitter account months ago, I’ve just never tweeted anything because, well, I don’t know how.  But not to worry!  I found several books that claim to be able to help someone as fearful of modern technology as I am.  So I’m diving into Twitter with Stacey Myers’ book How To Twitter at my side.  (I almost got the Dummies book, but this one had higher ratings.  And the title doesn’t hurt my self-esteem.)

You know what I like about this book?  It’s broken up into “Daily Do-ables” which are mini-lessons meant to soothe frightened Twitter newbies like myself with their level of simplicity. For example, lesson 1 is merely “Opening an Account.”  Nice and easy, taking it slow.  Truthfully, it’s still a little fast-paced for my tastes–I would have preferred something like “Lesson 1:  Uncurling From the Fetal Position” and “Lesson 2:  Approaching Your Computer–No Sudden Movements.”  But…I’ll do my best.

I don’t anticipate tweeting anything terribly witty anytime soon; probably it will just be things like “Have tweeted twice today without losing bladder control! #dry pants.”  To follow along for exciting updates, follow me at!

Wish me luck!  With the tweeting, I mean, not the bladder control.

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