I Scream, You Scream…

Despite the title of this blog post, the topic of it is NOT anything from the horror genre but instead is all about today being a very special day:  National Ice Cream Day!  Yipee!  Although if someone ever tries to take my ice cream away from me, I can guarantee there will be carnage and mayhem that would do any horror filmmaker proud.

Yep, it’s National Ice Cream Day!  Oh, and I have a book being released tomorrow…but mostly–It’s National Ice Cream Day!  That should give you some idea of the special place ice cream has in my heart.

I was appalled when I realized I didn’t actually have any ice cream on hand to honor this special day, so I immediately hurried to the store to get some.  See?


Because I believe in honoring tradition, dang it, and I honored the heck out of this one.  I also want you to know that I took great care to get the picture just right for this post.  I was forced to consume ice cream serving after ice cream serving because they kept melting during the photo shoot, but I care enough to get the job done right, so I pressed on.  I hope you appreciate my sacrifice and dedication.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  Now go out and celebrate…

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