4 out of 5 (Stars, Not Dentists)

Thank you Kim at Read Your Writes Book Reviews for the lovely review today!  (It’s right here, if you’d like to read it)  It’s wonderful to start one’s day by reading something like this–especially if one is exhausted and a wee bit grumpy from someone in one’s neighborhood shooting off fireworks until 1 A.M.  One would like to hunt those folks down and hang them by their toes from a tall tree until they swear never to do it again.  Yes, one certainly would.

But assuming my vision is not so blurry from lack of sleep that I am reading things wrong, Kim gave Coming Home 4 out of 5 stars.


2 thoughts on “4 out of 5 (Stars, Not Dentists)

  1. I understand your pain… Someone behind us started shooting fireworks at midnight on July 4th… Everytime I thought they were done and tried to go to sleep they started again… Then of course they were at last night. Only WORSE..

    But your eyes are fine…. You got 4 stars and a few tears…

    Thanks for writing the book!

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