School’s Out! Let’s Celebrate

My kindergarteners are now all officially first graders, and they have the kindergarten diplomas to prove it.  Classrooms all over the place are packed up for the summer and are much quieter now than they ever were during the school year, that’s for sure.  And teachers like me are either dancing with joy in the streets or only just now waking up from three days straight of sleep.

It’s summer vacation!  To celebrate, I’m passing along a couple of YouTube videos that are worth a chuckle or two.  The first one has an obvious link to school; the second one doesn’t, but it’s cute, so I don’t care.  And neither has anything to do with my life as a writer–unless…

I’m a writer who also teaches → teachers work in schools → these videos make me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

There you have it!  Connection made.  This is even better than six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

(This is only the second time I’ve tried embedding videos in my posts, so here goes nothing…)

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