Help Me, I’m Meltiiinnnng…

I was so happy when summer finally rolled around.  Yay!  School’s out, I’ll have plenty of time to write, the world will be perfect and beautiful in every way…

Then the summer heat hit.


And suddenly I am way more sympathetic to the Wicked Witch of the West, because no one deserves to go out like that.

Are you melting, too?  We’ve got triple digit temperatures headed our way, and I’m whimpering as I type this.  I’d curl up in the fetal position, too, but it’s just too dang hot to do that.  Especially when one’s air-conditioning consists primarily of a ceiling fan and a squirt bottle.

As I spent the afternoon trying to get some writing done on my computer without shorting out any of its circuits by dripping sweat onto it, I couldn’t help but wonder why so many people seem to find sweat sexy.  You know…sweaty torsos or beads of perspiration dripping down someone’s skin.  Because right now I’m pretty sweaty myself, and all it puts me in the mood for is a big bucket of ice in which to stick my head.  Am I alone in this?  Surely not.

But then, there are lots of things that seem romantic in books or movies that just wouldn’t work for me in real life.  Like that famous scene in Ghost with the pottery wheel and the clay.  You know what I was thinking when I saw that?

Who’s going to clean that mess up, huh?

This is the way my mind works.  Hmm…maybe in my next romance book I could figure out a way to make Clorox wipes sexy.  Stay tuned for that one…

Outlander Adaptation

If you’re a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (and judging by the number of copies that have sold over the years, there’s a fairly good chance you are), you’ll be pleased to know that the books are going to be made into a series on the Starz network.

Now, maybe you already knew that, but since I don’t get out much, it was news to me.  Anyhoo…

If you like Scotland, romance, history, and you aren’t averse to a little time travel as part of a plot–and if you’d listen to a Scotsman read a telephone book aloud just to hear that lovely brogue–then this could be a series you’d enjoy.  Wonder how true they’ll stay to the books?

For more info, check out this link.

Second Book On Amazon :)

This morning I just happened to check to see if my second book, The Bargain, was listed on the site yet–and it was!  Happy day!  It is now officially available for preorder there, and, yes, I’ve already ordered one for myself because I get a special thrill out of clicking on that 1-click button even when I’m just shopping in general.  To click on my own book is like putting the cherry on top of the sundae, know what I mean?


So, there it is.  Hee!  If you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s the link.  Have  a lovely day!  🙂

July 2013 Romance Releases

If you’re looking for new reading material for next month, check out the website Heroes & Heartbreakers here for a list of July romance releases.  They’ve got romances broken down by category (and The Bargain is listed under contemporary–woo hoo!), so there’s a little something for everyone.  Including a few sets of pretty impressive abs, by the look of things, and not just on the guys.

Man, I think I need to work out more.

Well Would You Look At That…

I just got a lovely surprise when I checked Book Chick City’s site and discovered they had a list called BCC’s Top 5 Books:  The best books you should be reading right now! and saw that Coming Home was on their list at number 5.  Now that’s the kind of surprise I like to find waiting for me on my computer!  A notification telling me that I’ve won the lottery would be nice, too, but I don’t want to appear greedy…

If you’d like to see the article, you can read it here.

Yay!  🙂

All Grown Up

I couldn’t resist adding a link to a new review site that has incorporated one of my book covers (Coming Home) into the banner at the bottom of its screen.  And…what a cool advertising opportunity por moi!

But, seriously, doesn’t it look pretty there?  All grown up and out in the real world…Sniff…I get sentimental about the most unexpected things.

See for yourself here, and take a look at Little Black Dress Reviews while you’re at it!

School’s Out! Let’s Celebrate

My kindergarteners are now all officially first graders, and they have the kindergarten diplomas to prove it.  Classrooms all over the place are packed up for the summer and are much quieter now than they ever were during the school year, that’s for sure.  And teachers like me are either dancing with joy in the streets or only just now waking up from three days straight of sleep.

It’s summer vacation!  To celebrate, I’m passing along a couple of YouTube videos that are worth a chuckle or two.  The first one has an obvious link to school; the second one doesn’t, but it’s cute, so I don’t care.  And neither has anything to do with my life as a writer–unless…

I’m a writer who also teaches → teachers work in schools → these videos make me giggle like a little schoolgirl.

There you have it!  Connection made.  This is even better than six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

(This is only the second time I’ve tried embedding videos in my posts, so here goes nothing…)

4.5 Star Review for Coming Home :)

A few minutes ago I discovered that Alex at Book Chick City gave Coming Home 4.5 star review on her site and had some lovely things to say about it.  Thank you, Alex!

If you’d like to check out her review, you can read it here.  I’m enjoyed reading it over and over and over…


Pretty Please With Sugar On Top

I just found out from my publisher today that books on Amazon can only become eligible for the Kindle Daily Deal promotions if they have at least 10 reviews, so I thought I’d fall to my knees and beg a favor of people out there who have read Coming Home and would be willing to post a review on Amazon.  (By the way, you’re looking positively gorgeous today…and have I mentioned that I just love what you’re doing with your hair?  Say the word, and I’ll be happy to lay on the compliments a little thicker because I can kiss up with the best of them…)

Coming Home has 8 reviews posted so far, so it just needs a couple more.  Reviews don’t have to be lengthy; just a couple of lines would work great.  Like “This book changed my life.  If everyone read it, we would finally see world peace.”  Or, you know, whatever you want to write.

Unless, of course, you hated the book.  In which case…

Never mind!  🙂

Cover Art For The Bargain

Crimson Romance just sent me the finalized cover art for my second book, The Bargain, so I thought I’d share it with you here.  Without further ado, I give you:


Hee!  Did you notice the part where it says my name and then right under it adds “author of Coming Home”?  I can’t seem to stop looking at that part.  Author.  I’ve been saying things like “I like to write” or just “I write” but I haven’t actually called myself a writer yet, and I’ve never applied the word author to myself, either.  But maybe I should start, because it’s really starting to grow on me…

Pardon me while I do a happy dance.  🙂