Kindergarten “Novelist” & Illustrator

SInce writing is so near and dear to my heart, it’s only natural that writing is also a subject I work particularly hard on with my kindergarteners.  Every once in a while one of my students produces something that just tickles me pink, and today that happened again.

One little boy decided to write a story about a space adventure, which turned out very cute all by itself, but then he added an illustration that I think is absolutely adorable.  You can decide for yourself when you read his story below–and in kindergarten we use creative spelling, so I’ll “translate” at the bottom just in case you’re not sure what the young author was trying to say:


“I went to outer space.  I flew to the moon.”

Is that not the happiest astronaut you’ve ever seen?  He’s clearly a man who loves his work.  And notice, by the way, that the author/illustrator of this piece included details like the line that tethers the astronaut to his ship.

I love it!  Hope it brightened your day as much as it brightened mine!

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