An Untapped Marketing Scheme–Sort Of

I think I may be on to something…

It can be tough for a new writer to get the rest of the world to know that he or she exists, especially if one is too poor to make use of professional advertising avenues and is also too shy to just start tapping random strangers on the shoulders and saying, “Psst, buddy, would you like to buy my book?”

But not to worry, because I think I have stumbled upon a hitherto undiscovered strategy for book marketing (bonus:  I finally found an excuse to use the word “hitherto” in a sentence). Last week my mother and I spent a couple of nights at a lovely B & B on the Oregon Coast, and not only did we have a wonderfully relaxing stay, but our kind hostess also bought a copy of my book–after my mother proudly informed her that I had written one (Mom is now my PR manager; then again, aren’t most mothers, really?  At least unofficially.)

Yay!  A sale!  One down, umpteen thousand to go…

So here’s my plan:  do a B & B tour of the United States in which I talk up my book to the host or hostess at each site in the hopes that they will buy them.  Risky, you say? Expensive?  Sure, but keep an open mind because I’ve got a few ideas to bankroll it (like a second mortgage, panning for gold, or maybe selling one of my kidneys–because does a person really need two?)

Think outside the box, people!

Guest Blog

Author Kimberly Lewis has been kind enough to host me in an interview on her blog at, her official post for April 8th, 2013.  In the interview she asks me about me, my writing process, and my book, Coming Home. Check out the interview here, and please do check out the rest of her site.  She’s an East Coast gal who sounds wonderfully creative, from doing a wide variety of arts and crafts to writing her contemporary western novels.

And please feel welcome to leave comments!  (We bloggers love it when people do that. It makes us feel loved.  Well, depending upon the type of comment, I suppose…)

Release Date On 2nd Book

My publisher just told me that the official release date for my second contemporary romance, The Bargain, is July 22nd.  That’s actually a little sooner than I expected, so my first feeling was close to panic because–Good grief!  I still feel like I’m fully immersed in trying to get bloggers and reviewers aware that my first book exists.  And I’ve got author interviews to write up, and absolutely perfect guest blog posts to produce so readers who see them on other sites will fall in love with my writing at first glance, and…and…

Oh, yes, and I have a day job, too.  Pardon me while I breathe into this nice little paper bag.

There.  That’s better.

So I need a few sparkling topics to address on some other blogs that are going to be hosting me in the near future, something writing or romance related.  Got any ideas?  What kinds of things would just leap out at you if you were an innocent, unsuspecting reader just happily hopping from blog to blog on the internet?  Maybe something about what kinds of qualities the most memorable book characters have that make them just stick with you, or what romance really looks like in this day and age, or whether or not blondes really DO have more fun.  Well, maybe not that last one…

Screenwriting Competition Update

Heroes For Hire:  Discount Prices has moved on from the quarterfinals to the semifinals in the 2012 All Access Screenwriting Competition!  Yay!  Even if it goes no farther, I think it will sound good in a query letter–well, better at least than saying it didn’t make it to the semifinals. Or saying, “Dear Mr. Agent, my mother says it’s wonderful, and that I’m brilliant. If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will.”

Here’s the link if you want to see:  2012 All Access Screenwriting Competition.

Fingers crossed!

Upcoming Promotional Opportunities

Well, it’s officially been one week since Coming Home hit the ebook market, and I think I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to trying to explore marketing opportunities for it.  It can be a wee bit challenging to get folks to read your book if they don’t even know it exists, so it helps if you can get reviewers to read it and post reviews on their sites and/or blogs for the world to see.

…But it turns out it’s also a wee bit challenging to get reviewers to look at your book when A) they’re swamped with review requests, B) they don’t know you from Adam, and C) you have no famous relatives with which to impress them.  Mom swears we’re descended from Robert the Bruce, famed medieval king of Scotland, but apparently that doesn’t carry much weight in the publishing industry.  Hmph.  Go figure.

But I have been fortunate enough to line up a few upcoming guest spots on some other blogs over the next few months, and one reviewer has just agreed to review my book in the next couple of weeks, so yay for that!  (Unless, of course, she doesn’t like the book, in which case…suddenly I’m feeling a little queasy.  Don’t mind me; I’ll just be over here curled up in the fetal position for a while.)

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ask my parents if they’re absolutely positive we’re not related to J.K. Rowling.