Edits on Second Book

My editor recently sent me her notes on my second manuscript, The Bargain, and now I’m busy working on the changes she suggested.  Fortunately, she was very happy with most of it, and there weren’t any major changes to make.  You know, like killing off a main character, changing the hero’s name from Gonzo to Anton, or, say, redoing everything between chapter one and the epilogue.

Whew!  [wipes forehead in relief]

But there are a few things to tweak, so I’m working on that now.  And, no, I didn’t really name the hero Gonzo, but wouldn’t that be cool if I did?  There aren’t enough romantic leading men named after Muppet characters, in my opinion–even though the sparks that have flown between Kermit and Miss Piggy for years are downright legendary.  Someday their story will be told…

In the meantime, though, back to work.  🙂

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