Out Guest Blogging Again

Kim over at Read Your Writes Book Reviews was kind enough to do an author interview with me, which she has posted on her website today right here.  I’d love to hear feedback, so if you get a chance, please let me know what you think either in her comments section or mine.  She’s got a pretty full schedule but plans to read and review Coming Home as we approach summer, so I appreciate her squeezing me in.  She also sounds open to having me send her The Bargain when it is ready, too, so…thanks, Kim!

Kim does lots of reviews, so check out her site if you’re looking for potential summer reads this year.  (And, yes, I realize summer is still a couple of months away, but as a schoolteacher, I cling to the hope of summer like you wouldn’t believe.  So please be gentle with me and just let me have my fantasy that summer is right around the corner.)  🙂

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