Book Review: The Older Woman

I think category romances tend to get a bad rap, because it seems like lots of folks dismiss them pretty quickly as “fluff.”  Well, some of them are fluff, it’s true, but–as is the case for pretty much any genre or category of book–there’s a wide range of books to be found within category romance.  I stumbled onto a book about ten years ago called The Older Woman by Cheryl Reavis, and it turned out to be a gem.  In my humble opinion, at least…

Oh, who am I kidding.  I’m not that humble.

But about the book…It’s told from the hero’s point of view, which I don’t see too often in romances.  He’s a paratrooper recovering from severe injuries, and the heroine is a blunt and no-nonsense nurse who helps care for him during his recovery.  (I believe the author is or was a nurse, too, so I think the medical details are pretty authentic without taking over the story)  The heroine is also a breast-cancer survivor, and her experience with the disease has left her with some issues of her own.  There’s humor, there’s emotion, and it’s a very worthwhile read.  I wouldn’t call it G-rated, but it’s relatively tame as far as bedroom scenes and language go.  The focus is more on the emotional relationship that develops between “Bugs” Doyle and Nurse Meehan.

So it’s a book I definitely recommend.  If it sounds like it’s up your alley, here’s the link to the Kindle edition on Amazon:  The Older Woman.

Happy reading, and if there’s a great book out there that you would recommend, please share!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Older Woman

  1. Enjoyed the review. Romance today is so varied that it certainly deserves new, unbiased attention. Even in its “bad” days, there were some great stories. Certainly with independent and new (Crimson Romance!) publishers letting authors break new ground, there’s something for everyone.

    The Older Woman sounds like something worth catching.

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