Release Date On 2nd Book

My publisher just told me that the official release date for my second contemporary romance, The Bargain, is July 22nd.  That’s actually a little sooner than I expected, so my first feeling was close to panic because–Good grief!  I still feel like I’m fully immersed in trying to get bloggers and reviewers aware that my first book exists.  And I’ve got author interviews to write up, and absolutely perfect guest blog posts to produce so readers who see them on other sites will fall in love with my writing at first glance, and…and…

Oh, yes, and I have a day job, too.  Pardon me while I breathe into this nice little paper bag.

There.  That’s better.

So I need a few sparkling topics to address on some other blogs that are going to be hosting me in the near future, something writing or romance related.  Got any ideas?  What kinds of things would just leap out at you if you were an innocent, unsuspecting reader just happily hopping from blog to blog on the internet?  Maybe something about what kinds of qualities the most memorable book characters have that make them just stick with you, or what romance really looks like in this day and age, or whether or not blondes really DO have more fun.  Well, maybe not that last one…

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  1. Tell us about your favorite romance books/movies/plays/board games. (Kidding on the last one, heh heh). Like, top 3 tearjerker romances or top 3 fluffy light romances for a rainy day or top 3 blow your mind and reread or rewatch 50 times romances 🙂

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