Software and Heart Palpitations

I had a major case of heart palpitations going on for the past few days.  Unfortunately it wasn’t due to l’amour (No offense to my hubby.  He knows he makes my heart go pitter patter).  No, it was because somebody apparently hacked into Microsoft and left lots of tightly-wound folks like myself without access to their email for about three days.

Ugh.  My stomach still hurts from thinking about it.

It’s amazing how attached we get to our modern conveniences, isn’t it?  But then email feels more like a necessity than a convenience nowadays.  If you don’t believe me, try pretending your email service is kaput for a few days—and don’t cheat by checking it when no one is looking.

Then imagine no one at tech support will respond to your desperate attempts to communicate with them and so you have no idea if someone is even working to resolve the problem or if there is any end to it in sight or if you’ll EVER see any of your precious archived emails again—

See?  Reaching for those antacids, aren’t you?

But my email appears to be okay now, so I’ve stopped breathing into a paper bag—which is good, because I was really starting to get lightheaded there.  I was also temporarily toying with the idea of leaving behind all these so-called modern conveniences and running away to live in a little cabin somewhere in the mountains, far away from nasty things like malware and error messages and software updates that never seem to go as smoothly as expected.  Just me, my husband, our dog, and a few chickens.  Maybe a nanny goat or two.  “I’m kind of fond of nanny goats, I am.

Ha!  100 points if you know what movie that quote comes from!  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s not a romance, it’s a baseball movie, although the leading man has caused quite a few heart palpitations in his time.  Albeit of a much more pleasant variety than the kind from which I’m still recovering.

Don’t ask what the points are redeemable for; you’ll only be disappointed.  Hey, don’t blame me—blame the economy.

Happy emailing!

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