Happy Valentine’s Day

I spent most of today celebrating Valentine’s Day kindergarten style:  cookies, juice, and bulk valentines galore.  We had the Green Lantern, Avengers, Disney Princesses, wacky-eyed dogs…you name it, we had it.  I even saw one kind of valentine that looked like a cross between Hannah Montana and a zombie.  If that doesn’t just scream Valentine’s Day, what does?  The kids were excited, the apple juice was flowing, and a good time was had by all.  Even by me—especially when we put on Horton Hears a Who for a blissfully peaceful 25 minutes.

Then my afternoon kiddos came in, and we did it all over again.  Wheeee!  Gotta love those back-to-back kindergarten sessions.

But the kids were really very good, and they were so pleased about everything that it was kind of sweet.  Exhausting, but sweet.

So I really can’t complain, especially since my very wonderful hubby is in the kitchen fixing dinner as I write this.  And I suspect he’s going to offer to do the dishes, too.

Yep, he’s a keeper.

I mean, roses and diamonds may be more traditional, but a man who cooks and cleans?  Now that makes me swoon.  I’m thinking I may just model my next romantic hero after him.  I can see the book cover now:  Fabio in an apron with a tossed salad in one hand and a platter of duck a l’orange in the other.  And probably a tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in the foreground, since it’s Fabio.

I’d buy it.

If handsome men doing housework makes you a little weak in the knees, too, I recommend buying yourself a copy of a delightful book called Porn For Women.  No, it’s not what it sounds like, so kindly get your mind out of the gutter, please!  It’s essentially page after page of comely men doing things like vacuuming, laundry, and insisting that no woman of theirs will ever have to pick up a toilet brush or take out the trash as long as said men have breath in their bodies.  It’s definitely worth a giggle or two.

Gotta go, dinner’s ready.

And on that note, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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