Heeeeeeere It Comes!

Valentine’s Day, that is.  Every year I think I’ll do something really sweet or romantic or pyrotechnic for Valentine’s Day, but then I usually wind up settling for something like fluffy handcuffs—er, a card.  I mean a card.

(Sorry, Mom…)

Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year.  That could be trouble.  Who has the energy to stir up a little romance after spending all day wrangling—I mean, educating—small children?  And supervising not one, but two classroom parties?  There’ll be cookie crumbs flying through the air, valentines underfoot everywhere I turn, and kids bouncing off the walls even before the sugar highs hit.  You know what’s romantic after that?  A foot rub, followed by a second foot rub.  And maybe one more.

But it’s Valentine’s Day.  Even if you decide to postpone festivities until the weekend because restaurants will be less crowded, you’ll have more energy, and all that practical stuff…you still want to do a little something on the actual day, don’t you?  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  At least, not if you’re me, it doesn’t.  That’s why I’m planning on giving my hubby a “Mr. Right” t-shirt and curling up on the sofa with him, a bowl of popcorn, and a re-run of Whose Line Is It Anyway because, to us, laughing so hard that a popcorn kernel flies out of your nose IS romantic.  We’re just kind of weird that way.

Either that or we’ll get matching tattoos.

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