On the Joys of Creating a Website

Nowadays as a writer it seems like it’s generally agreed upon that you’re supposed to have your own website.  And blog, and Facebook account, and Twitter account, and probably your own personal stylist, too…  I didn’t realize any of that until recently, and if you’re technophobic—like me—that kind of news tends to fill you with panic.  (Perhaps I can tweet about it, once I figure out Twitter.)

But I love writing, so once I uncurled from the fetal position, I decided to dive in…

All the experts seemed to say the same thing:  start with a website first.  So I did.  It took two weeks’ worth of weekends and evenings.  Two weeks of stress, tears, and a fervent wish that my mother hadn’t raised me not to cuss.  I think I may have even bargained with God a little.  I certainly spent a lot of time emailing and calling various tech support folks.   But I finally got it up and running.


Then I started reading up on WordPress and blogging, and I threw everything out and started from scratch.  Oh, well.  I’m sure it builds character.  🙂

But—fingers crossed—we’re up and running now, so welcome to christinesfeldman.com…

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